Issue 4: The Arts

Girl of the Month: 20 Questions with Destiny Wimpye

KTM’s Girl of the Month for Issue 4 is Destiny Wimpye! She is a 16-year-old ballet dancer. You’ve probably seen her amazing dance photos on Instagram and her exceptional videos of her turning on pointe. Destiny is a Brown Girls Do Ballet and Discount Dance Ambassador, an AS Dancewear Mentee, and an advocate for representation for girls of color in the ballet world.

kashmani: A Dream Come True

Khadira is an incoming junior at a New York high school. This year, she launched kashmani, a fashion brand that includes everything from clothing to deco stickers. Her products are handmade, upcycled, and reworked, and I can personally tell you, everything from her brand is amazing. Khadira has always been into the arts, specifically visual arts, and plans to continue fashion after high school.

Interview with the Creator of ArtHub NYC: Skye Jackson Williams

After seeing the lack of dance studios in New York that give artists the tools and resources to expand on their work, improve, and collaborate Skye Jackson Williams created ArtHub NYC. Skye is an 18 year old artist and aspiring entrepreneur. Continue reading this article to read the interview we had with Skye that discusses her future…

Acting, Stage Crew, and Directing: An Interview with Tazrean Hossain

Tazrean is an incoming freshman at Wellesley College. Throughout her time in high school, she performed in many school productions such as Twelfth Night and Indecent. In addition to on-stage acting, she has worked on the stage crew and was able to become an assistant director during her senior year.

The Photographer Behind The Color of Dance Project

Who is the photographer behind The Color of Dance Project? Her name is Tiana Kargbo, and she recently moved to New York City after earning her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography at the University of Southern Mississippi. She is a dance photographer, and her newest project is The Color of Dance Project.

Ballet: A Late Start

Oftentimes in the ballet world, individuals are “born into dance”. They pick it up at a young age and continue to enhance their abilities by carrying it with them as they grow. I have always had a love for ballet. Watching dancers elegantly prance across the stage has never failed to amaze me. I can still remember watching Angelina Ballerina as a kid and attempting to follow along.

Issue 4: The Arts

Hello, and welcome to Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s fourth issue! This issue’s theme is The Arts. In this issue, we will be talking about the different art forms, black-owned clothing, jewelry businesses, & more. KTM will also be sharing personal experiences and interviews with many young artists.

Issue 3: We Will NOT Be Silent

We Are The Change with Madalyn Salkowsky

Hi and welcome to Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s podcast. My name is Madalyn Salkowsky and I am a human being. First I’d like to start off by saying how proud I am of you for tuning into this podcast and wanting to further your knowledge on some problems in the world today. This podcast will be about societal and systemic racism and how we as Americans can be the best versions of ourselves.

Asian-American Allyship 101: Together We Must Stand

In this episode, we will talk about the importance of solidarity between people of color in order to dismantle the roots of all of this: white supremacy. We will place the Black Lives Matter movement in the context of everything else happening in the world right now, and learn to stop playing the Oppression Olympics.

Asian-American Allyship 101: So You Want to Be an Ally…Now What?

In this episode, we will break down what it really means to be an ally as an Asian-American. Now that we know the history of prejudice between Asian-Americans and Black-Americans and understand why the arguments made against allyship aren’t valid

Asian-American Allyship 101: “What Have They Done For Us?” and Other Myths That Hinder Allyship

In this episode, we will debunk the arguments that Asian-Americans often use against Black Lives Matter, such as “What have they done for us?”, “We worked hard to succeed, why can’t they?”, and “We’re minorities too, so how could we even help?” through the lens of the model minority myth. We will learn about how Black activists have aided Asian-Americans in achieving civil rights.

Asian-American Allyship 101: George Floyd and Tou Thao – A Story Rooted in White Supremacy

In this episode, we will unpack the relationship between the Asian-American and Black-American communities, investigating the history of anti-Asian racism and anti-blackness. In doing so, we will understand what happened with George Floyd and Tou Thao and how our past and present continues to be rooted in white supremacy. This episode will give you the foundation needed to inform what we, Asian-Americans, must do as allies to the Black community.


rage met me when i was molting.
i was pubescent.
sensitive and aching for wholeness
but rage was there to arm me
i defended my fresh layer of skin
my tender breasts
my lengthening legs
i tucked blades into my body hair
protecting the blackness i often ignored before i met rage.

Juneteenth: African American Independence

I would like to begin with an excerpt from a famous speech given by Frederick Douglass on July 5, 1852.What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless…

NYC: Time for Change

Before I start I want to get a couple of things straight. One: you cannot pick and choose what you love about black culture. Two: just because you have black friends, that doesn’t mean you are not racist. Three: Do not just value black culture such as music, art, sports and fashion when it’s advantageous to you. It seems that almost overnight, New York City has turned from a relatively quiet ghost town to a lively, awe-inspiring, and liberating place.

In Support of Black Lives Matter

I recently revisited this photo that I took in Washington on January 21st, 2017, the day after Trump’s inauguration and the day of the Women’s March on Washington. In it are the Mothers of the Movement, the mothers of Jordan Davis, Eric Garner, Mohamed Bah, Trayvon Martin, and Dontre Hamilton. I vividly remember watching them onstage, my own mother and I crying as we chanted the names of these women’s sons.

The Book of Forbidden Fruits and Punishments

He sat there waiting for his arrival
His parents hating him already, wishing he was sacrificial
His heart so pure and full of hope
Yet he doesn’t know he’s already behind because his mom was smoking dope
He’s ready to have big dreams
Yet he doesn’t know his dad has already left the scene

Let’s Get Reading: 18 Books to Get You Started

I compiled a list for myself that I would like to share that consists of autobiographies, fiction, and nonfiction books. If you would like to learn more about the black experience and why the social climate in America, as it pertains to racism, bias, and prejudice is the way it is, this list is for you.

The Unconventional Trial

It seems like everything that already happened is happening again.
The circumstances we are forced to be in.
The probability of death? High
Is there a solution? Not the concern.
Living under a life of constant struggle.

Issue 3: We Will NOT Be Silent

Originally I was going to make the theme for this issue about intersectionality. But when George Floyd was murdered I felt like we needed to use our platform to talk about this NOW. The utter disregard of black lives has been a problem since we were snatched up from the continent of Africa and placed into slavery.

Issue 2: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Being Asian-American During the COVID-19 Crisis: Tackling Xenophobia and Racism

For the majority of my life, as a Chinese-American teen living in a city as diverse as New York, I have been fortunate enough to never feel the need to fear how my identity is perceived by others. As a proud daughter of Chinese immigrants, I learned to wear my Chinese heritage on my sleeve, eager to share the beauty of my culture, speak Chinese in public, and educate others about my experiences.

Colorism: The Media’s Impact on People of Color with Alisha Joseph

Hey everybody! For KTM’s first podcast, we will be talking about colorism and the media’s contribution to colorism. Feel free to leave comments down below and thank you for listening in advance. Follow us on IG @KaleidoscopeTeen and stay tuned for more podcasts.

The Model Minority Myth: Malicious and Minimizing

As Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month comes to a close, it is time for us to not only celebrate Asian achievements, but to also recognize how as a society we have failed their community by labeling them the “model minority,” often discounting them as people of color, and in turn, minimizing their experiences.

Girl of the Month: Christine Xu

This issue’s Girl of the Month is Christine Xu. She is a sophomore at The Chapin School and is the Founder and President of Gens Connect. Gens Connect connects teens and senior citizens through phone calls to help them with social isolation and promotes bonding between the generations. Below is the interview I had with Christine.

Issue 2: Welcome!

Hello and welcome to Issue 2 of Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine!!! Every issue going forward will have a theme that will guide the content for that month. Since May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month…

Issue 1:

Girl of the Month: Ashfah Alam

Our first girl of the month is Ashfah Alam. She is a Junior at The Chapin School and is the co-founder of The Reach Project. The Reach Project is an organization that “provides access to extracurricular activities for low-income students in the Bronx.”

“Don’t Touch My Hair”

In the black community, there are a few things that we hold dear to us, most importantly our culture. Hair is a topic that members of a black family, male or female, constantly talk about and think about…


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