The Founder

Gabriella Alleyne

Creator and Editor-in-Chief

My name is Gabriella Alleyne and I’m the creator of Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine. I am originally from New York City. I am a freshmen at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I’m majoring in Dance and I want to double major in African American Studies and minor in Public Relations. I am a dancer and a Brown Girls Do Ballet Ambassador. I love to write poetry, perform, and make YouTube videos.

The Editors and Contributors

Nia Satterfield Brown

Managing Content Editor

My name is Nia Satterfield Brown and I’m 17 years old. I love sharing my story through different mediums such as writing and photography. I am also a track athlete.

Ayanna Chatman

Girl of the Year Director, Visual Staff Editor, and Content Staff Contributor

Hi! My name is Ayanna, I’m a junior from New York, and I’m super excited to join the Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine team as a photographer! I’ve been interested in photography for a few years now and have taken both regular and advanced photography courses in school. I’ve made several portfolios ranging in size, skill level, and themes. My favorite thing about photography is being able to capture what the world looks like through my own eyes. Other than photography, my other hobbies include, playing tennis, painting, singing in my school’s acapella group and chorus, and participating in my school’s dance club.

Andrea Fernandez

Content Staff Editor

My name is Andrea Fernandez and I am a senior at the Chapin School. I am proud to be the co-leader of Chapin’s first Latinx affinity group called La Familia, where we plan events that raise awareness about our culture. I am also an editor of Chapin’s newspaper, Limelight, where I aim to write articles addressing issues of diversity. I’m really excited to continue this work on the magazine! When it comes to having fun, I really enjoy painting watercolor cards, painting landscapes, and listening to reggaeton music.  

Tazrean Hossain

Content Staff Editor

Hi! My name is Tazrean Hossain, and I’m a first-year at Wellesley College. I love feminism and activism and plan to major in Women’s & Gender Studies. I’m currently involved with the Bangladeshi Students Association and in the future, I hope to write for the Wellesley News and be part of theatre productions.

Alisha Joseph

Content Staff Contributor

Hi! I’m Alisha and I’m a senior at the Chapin school. I love to dance, write, cook, and hang out with friends. I enjoy working with children and plan on doing that in the future. I’m so excited to be a part of this team and I hope you enjoy what we produce. ❤️ASJ

Paavni Rao

Content Staff Contributor

Hi! My name is Paavni Rao and I am a junior at Athens High School, Ohio. I am an Indian-American who enjoys her poly cultural identity by appreciating music from different parts of the world. As an emerging activist, I believe in social justice and equal rights for all. I love spending time with my family and my dog, Pluto, who teaches me to love unconditionally.

Anjali Tandon

Content Staff Contributor

Hi! My name is Anjali Tandon. I am seventeen years old and I am Indian American. I love learning about my culture and teaching it to others! I also love running, reading, and listening to podcasts (and now making them)!

Katherine Yun

Girl of the Year Coordinator

Katherine Yun is the secretary of her school’s Asian Affinity Group and a passionate advocate for immigrant rights. She is also in Dance Club because she likes to dance hip-hop. She enjoys listening to indie music and going out with friends to watch movies. 

This fall, she will be attending Brandeis University and hopes to major in Neuroscience and join a hip hop focused dance club/team.