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Issue 9: Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome to Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s 9th issue! The theme for Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s 9th issue is FEMINISM, more specifically intersectional feminism. The first time I was introduced to intersectionality was at a diversity conference in 2018 in High School called the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. This conference changed my life. I have gone to a predominantly white school since I was in Kindergarten, and SDLC was the first time I was in a school environment where I was surrounded by people who looked like me.

Amerikkkan Exceptionalism

My skin is a terrorist threat and my words as well because skin color is seen as a weapon in itself in this country. The deep tone of my skin is more threatening than all the skittles, hairbrushes, wallets, Wii remotes, cellphones, pill bottles, and iPods that those meant to serve and protect “mistook” for guns. My weapon is one that does not require reloading, for it constantly produces terror, and invariably leads to mass destruction.

Daphne Lee on being a Professional Dancer and Pursuing an MFA in Dance

The guest for this episode is Daphne Lee. Daphne Lee is a professional dancer with The Dance Theatre of Harlem, a graduate of Hollins University where she earned her MFA in Dance, an advocate, an ambassador, and much more. Listen to this podcast to hear more about her story, advice, and how she got to where she is today.

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