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Latest from the Blog

Black Girl Magic Museum Review

Who doesn’t love a little magic? Well, how about some Black Girl Magic? Got your attention? Then I have something fabulous to share with you. I had the recent opportunity to get the full experience of a pop-up museum in Mesquite, Texas, part of the Dallas Metro. Ms. Dominique Hamilton, founder of the “Black Girl Magic Museum”, wanted to have a place “where girls could see Black Women doing great things and not just being killed.” The staff was full of positive energy as they guided guests, making sure they understood each exhibit, the history, the meanings, and also the artists who used their talents throughout the Museum.

Charting Your Own Path as a Creative with Stephanie Bell

The guest for this episode is Stephanie Bell. Stephanie Bell is a media producer and journalist who specializes in photography and video production. Listen to this podcast to hear more about her story, advice, and how she got to where she is today.

To be Fair or Dark, that is the Question! Colorism in Bollywood

The Bollywood Industry holds talented and amazing actors who engage with their audience throughout India. However, the majority of the successful celebrities in the Indian film industry tend to be light-skinned. Dark-skinned actors do not get as many chances to show their talent in Bollywood solely because of the color of their skin. This is an illustration of colorism where one’s skin color determines the probability of success and failure.

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