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Issue 9: Letter from the Editor

Issue 9: Letter from the Editor

Written by: Gabriella Alleyne


Hello and welcome to Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s 9th issue!

The theme for Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s 9th issue is FEMINISM, more specifically intersectional feminism. The first time I was introduced to intersectionality was at a diversity conference in 2018 in High School called the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. This conference changed my life. I have gone to a predominantly white school since I was in Kindergarten, and SDLC was the first time I was in a school environment where I was surrounded by people who looked like me. It was such a welcoming environment where people of all backgrounds came together, and I discovered a lot about myself. I came back changed and not the same person I was when I left. I highly suggest that you go to this conference if your school has the option to attend this conference. In this conference, we also discussed Intersectionalism which is very important in conversations about race and diversity. I define intersectionality as the intersection of different identities and the overlap of different systems of discrimination based on those identities.  

Intersectional feminism is “is a form of feminism that stands for the rights and empowerment of all women, taking seriously the fact of differences among women, including different identities based on radicalization, sexuality, economic status, nationality, religion, and language.” Intersectional feminism is valuable because during discussions about feminism people often do not take into account women that are not white. I watched Patricia Arquette’s 2016 Oscars interview in my Intro to African American Studies class too. She mentioned how women need equal rights, and it is time for men, people of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community to step up and support them. When I heard that, I thought, is she talking about all women or just white women in this? What she lacks to mention or recognize is the intersection of this for women of color, women who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and women of color who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Her response was “based/rooted” in White feminism because she did not approach equal rights for women with a lens of intersectionality. It is helpful to see the intersection of your own identities and others, especially when addressing issues surrounding systems of oppression, social justice, and discrimination. It will allow you to see the different and intersecting challenges at play.  

Graphic by: Courtney Ahn @courtneyahndesign

We will be sharing content that has to do with feminism and featuring women and girls of color through podcast interviews and videos. Also, look out for posts on our Instagram because we are posting content about feminism on there.

The girl of the month for issue 9 is RL. RL is a senior in high school and the Founder and Editor of Vox Viola Literary Magazine, an intersectional feminist literary magazine. Look out for her podcast interview to hear more about RL’s story and how she created her intersectional feminist literary magazine. 

Stay tuned for the articles, videos, and podcast episodes that will be coming out this month. 

I hope you enjoy this issue! 

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Gabriella Alleyne 

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine

Gabriella Alleyne
Gabriella Alleyne

My name is Gabriella Alleyne and I’m the creator of Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine. I am originally from New York City. I am a rising Sophomore at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I’m a Dance major with a minor in Public Relations. I am a dancer and a Brown Girls Do Ballet Ambassador. I love to write poetry, perform, and make YouTube videos.


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