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Black Girl Magic Museum Review

Black Girl Magic Museum Review

Written by: Addison Grace Mouser

Who doesn’t love a little magic?

Well, how about some Black Girl Magic? 

Got your attention? 

Then I have something fabulous to share with you. I had the recent opportunity to get the full experience of a pop-up museum in Mesquite, Texas, part of the Dallas Metro. 

Ms. Dominique Hamilton, founder of the “Black Girl Magic Museum”, wanted to have a place “where girls could see Black Women doing great things and not just being killed.” The staff was full of positive energy as they guided guests, making sure they understood each exhibit, the history, the meanings, and also the artists who used their talents throughout the Museum. 

Several rooms honor a different category of amazing Black Women past and present. There is a science/space room featuring Kathrine Johnson, a room with leaders like Kamala Harris and Ruby Bridges, and a room featuring dance and gymnastics with the beautiful Misty Copeland and Gabby Douglas with a ballet barre and mirrors.  One of the more touching rooms features a “Say Her Name” mural with Breonna Taylor and Atatiana Jefferson. 

But that’s not ALL……… There are several opportunities to celebrate YOU! There is a space to celebrate your DNA, to own your royalty as a Queen, life size Barbie doll boxes, the “Overcomer room”, and “I Am Not My Hair” room with a retro hairdryer and mannequins. The museum allows you to take all the pictures you want to post on social media.

After you have celebrated the amazing black women including your own Melanin, you will then be presented with one final room to nail down anything thrown on you from society by picking up a piece of chalk and to “Leave It On the Wall” as you write your pain, hurt, or frustration. I can’t think of a better way to leave the exhibit to truly honor the beautiful Black Girl/Woman you are.

Here’s some good news for all of you reading, soon this pop-up museum will find its way to Shreveport, Houston, Jackson, Mississippi, and whatever else the future holds. Remember the name, “Black Girl Magic” Museum, and make a point to celebrate the “magic” in you!

<strong>Addison Grace Mouser</strong>
Addison Grace Mouser

Addison Grace Mouser is in 11th Grade and from Dallas, Texas. Addison is an Ambassador for “Brown Girls Do Ballet” and very active in speaking up for social justice.  Addison has partial hearing loss and is passionate in standing up for other kids with disabilities. She currently is working toward her hours to achieve The Congressional Award. Her IG is: addison_grace_mouser


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