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Land of the Free

Land of the Free

Written by: Gladys Pierre

Kaepernick can’t kneel to spread awareness, but when George is slowly

suffocated and murdered at the knee of a cop,

y’all could care less and then continue to attempt to silence us when we protest.

There’s a reason for unrest and we will not rest until something is done.

I mean, no offense, but the fact that you need to be convinced shows your part in the incidents that we experience.

With all due respect,

you’re a redneck if you continue to reject and deflect

the systematic racism and white privilege that has been woven into society

since the colonizers first came and claimed stolen land that was built on the backs of slaves.

This country scams and takes and blames us for their mistakes,

Pushing until we finally break.

I don’t care what you debate,

black people are killed at disproportionate rates in every state and if we’re not slaughtered by police then the weight of oppression tied around our necks eventually suffocates and drowns us in the hate of our nation.

They love to fund guns and shoot us for fun but could care less about education.

It’s to the point where calling the police station is a death sentence.

So much for the constitutional amendments.

The chains of oppression haven’t changed they just have a new invisibility feature,

powered by the manipulation and distractions that America presents to us.

They promote “Representation” and paint false facades of freedom then pat themselves on the back because a black person needs them,

but secretly, they’re scared that with freedom comes loss of power.

Deep down inside they’re just cowards with gun powder.

Then they have the audacity to call this the land of the free.


Stolen land of the imprisoned is the real description of the system.

All black people are imprisoned.

If not literally, then medically, financially, residentially, professionally, or conceptually.

The system was specifically designed to keep us down in any and every way possible.

They love and praise us for our style but sit back and smile when we’re killed.

They accept all except the side effects that come with being black.

They hate and then appropriate our culture and watch as we get tortured

All while raving over racist white sculptures as if they matter more than black lives.

Look what they’ve prioritized.

It’s funny how the same people who fetishize are the same ones who watch us die.

It’s as if they are mesmerized by our cries.

Maybe that’s why they continue to demoralize and despise us.

Oh but the Kind Kops don’t Kill on purpose, they were just nervous, right?

Cops do more killing than saving and more tasing then training while maintaining their salary

so why would they deserve any kind of flattery?

Even with fresh batteries in their cop cam, they kill because they can.

Killing blacks is a sport, a game,

look at Ahmaud, say his name.

his killers wanted applause for being able to track and hunt down one of us.

The cop that manhandled and suffocated the life out of Floyd got bailed out, he must have gotten extra points for murdering him with no hands or guns out.

Then the rednecks and Karens have the nerve to blame our deaths on us.

 We’re too aggressive they say, as they call the exterminator to terminate the black individual that’s “threatening” them.

 All lives matter they say, as they call the hunter to shoot and kill the black man who used a counterfeit bill,

who drove their car, who simply went on a jog, who sat down on a public bench, who went to the store to get a snack, who simply relaxed in their own home.

Cops and robbers should be changed to slave catchers and slaves because that is how the system was made,

 that is how the game is played, that is how the system remains, and that is why America has permanent bloodstains from the lives of innocent, beautiful, beings who had so much to offer.

Yet they continue to laugh in our face as they hold up the mace and spray because they can.

It’s like we’re pieces on a board in a game that we’re forced to play

that is impossible to win because of America,

a cheater within who steals and takes because she can.

We start the game at the bottom and if we get too close to the top they do anything to stop us because they can.

They may steal our land, they may knock us down where we stand, they may shoot and kill, but still, we will continue to fight because no matter what they say or do, it is our right.

As they continue to shout all lives matter mockingly and sneakily scheme for our demise by pushing their fake democracy, we will continue to scream equality. I don’t know about you, but nothing will stop me.

Home of the brave, land of the free. If you believe that, then you simply cannot see. And that’s why we continue to say “I can’t breathe”. We won’t stop until freedom is finally received.

Gladys Pierre
Gladys Pierre

Hi my name is Gladys and I’m 15 years old. I enjoy expressing complicated and layered emotion through poetry. I mainly write about social justice issues within America . I hope that my writing will inspire people to keep fighting for what they believe in no matter how hard it gets. We all have a voice and we get to decide what to do with it. Other than poetry, I also enjoy robotics, drawing, playing guitar, and playing basketball on my school’s varsity team. 


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