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We Are The Change with Madalyn Salkowsky

We Are The Change with Madalyn Salkowsky

Guest Contributor: Madalyn Salkowsky

Hi and welcome to Kaleidoscope Teen Magazine’s podcast. My name is Madalyn Salkowsky and I am a human being.  First I’d like to start off by saying how proud I am of you for tuning into this podcast and wanting to  further your knowledge on some problems in the world today. This podcast will be about societal and systemic racism and how we as Americans can be the best versions of ourselves.


Instagram accounts- @blklivesmatter, @privtoprog, @antiracism_collective, @talkspace, @civilrightsorg, @aoc, @idontmind

Podcasts you can listen to – A Decade Of watching Black People Die, We’ve Been Here Before, “I can’t breathe.” Again.

Instagram live I loved is now in the IGTV section of Melissa Benoist’s Instagram titled, “COFFEE LIVE”.

You can go to and sign endless petitions, and there are multiple documentaries you can watch to further educate yourself.

Please contribute to this issue, we need to hear your voices. EVERYONE can make a submission regardless of your gender, race, or nationality!

Remember to be silent is to be complicit! Please use your platforms and your voices!


To contribute please email:

Madalyn Salkowsky
Madalyn Salkowsky

I am a teenage girl from New York and I want to do what I can to help become the change. I want to inspire others my age to do the same.


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