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Asian-American Allyship 101: Together We Must Stand

Asian-American Allyship 101: Together We Must Stand

Host: Tazrean Hossain

In this episode, we will talk about the importance of solidarity between people of color in order to dismantle the roots of all of this: white supremacy. We will place the Black Lives Matter movement in the context of everything else happening in the world right now, and learn to stop playing the Oppression Olympics. 

Please contribute to this issue, we need to hear your voices. EVERYONE can make a submission regardless of your gender, race, or nationality!

Remember to be silent is to be complicit! Please use your platforms and your voices!


To contribute please email:

<strong>Tazrean Hossain</strong>
Tazrean Hossain

Tazrean Hossain is an activist, feminist, and obsessed with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl. She co-founded Chapin’s Asian Affinity Group and serves as the president of Feminism Club. She loves to read, write, sing, and do theatre. In the fall, she will be attending Wellesley College, where she hopes to major in gender studies and write for the student newspaper.


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