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Guest Contributor: Trinity Hollis

Illustration by: Denny Stoekenbroek

rage met me when i was molting.
i was pubescent.
sensitive and aching for wholeness
but rage was there to arm me
i defended my fresh layer of skin
my tender breasts
my lengthening legs
i tucked blades into my body hair
protecting the blackness i often ignored before i met rage.
just a girl when i met him.
he found me.
plucked at my premature skin.
buried himself deep inside
made a woman out of me.
never called again.
when i see whites
crunch they boots onto black folks’ bodies.
like the driven snow on a sidewalk.
the faint scent of his cologne calls.
but i can’t get angry.

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Trinity Hollis

I’m an eighteen-year-old Black-American writer from New York. I try my best to write with the same honesty the world swaddled me in since birth. Blackness and womanhood are integral to my writing because my identity walks with me when I cross a street and speaks for me when I’m silent.


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