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The Unconventional Trial

The Unconventional Trial

Illustration by Sacrée Frangine

By: Nia Satterfield Brown

It seems like everything that already happened is happening again. 

The circumstances we are forced to be in. 

The probability of death? High 

Is there a solution? Not the concern.

Living under a life of constant struggle.

“We’re not to blame” 

Or so they claim.

Poor Black neighborhoods 

More pollution, lead and violence

Black Individuals 

More underlying health conditions

Black People 

More bias and inadequate health care services 

Not enough? 

Lawyer, CEO, Finance, Surgeon 


Caregiver, cashier, sanitation, laborer, public transit 

They were exposed then 

We are exposed now 

I feel like Parks in this way 

The black experience through a shared lens 

America what is the reason?

Why are my brothers and sisters more prone to sickness than any other group? 

Why are you not doing anything about it?

It’s time to stand trial. 

Don’t stand blind. 

Think about your ways, think about our suffering 

Hold our lives to the same standard you do 

This would not have happened, if equality was recognized years ago 

Equal opportunities, equal access

Less violence

“It’s not that simple” 

Isn’t it? 

Someone on my track team 

People in my overcrowded and underfunded building complex

My first cousin 

All individuals who fell victim to covid-19 

But no they did not ask to be put in these vulnerable positions 

Nor did any of the other African-Americans who were put here 

I stand here. Feeling: hopeless 

Our communities lack resources properly combat these types of monsters 

Thus, we fall quicker

Is it too far-fetched to think if we’d achieved equity earlier many of us would still be alive today?


Because it’s truth

It might be invisible to most

But it is there… lingering 

Like covid in the air… ready to attack and infect the next individual 

“An easy catch” covid murmured 

“This will be a quick one, already has health issues”  

We are the neglected 

Punished for the color of our skin, subject to die more quickly 

Fear of the healthcare system 

It’s easier to die then to continue this cycle of pain 

The legacy of growing up, Poor and Black, in this country

America, would you please take the stand. 

Please contribute to this issue, we need to hear your voices. EVERYONE can make a submission regardless of your gender, race, or nationality!

Remember to be silent is to be complicit! Please use your platforms and your voices!


To contribute please email:

Nia Satterfield Brown
Nia Satterfield Brown

My name is Nia Satterfield Brown and I’m 17 years old. I love sharing my story through different mediums such as writing and photography. I am also a track athlete.


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